Roofline Installation

Not many of us would fancy working 16ft off the ground, handling heavy boards that could be 5 meters long. Roofline installation is not a DIY job and the results of a good installation by a professional team are very satisfying to see.

If you are going to fork out for a beautiful new installation you need to be certain that the job will be done right.

Whether you call then or they call you, ask yourself, or them if you like, the following questions...

Have they got a good, established local reputation?

If they have, they’ll be able to point you to other local installations and you could even ask the house owner how they fared.

What brand of product do they use?

Not having a brand is not a criminal offence, but a recognised brand like Precision Property Maintenance is a good guide to quality. Bu the way, we demand high standards of our installers because we know that customer care and quality of installation are so important.

Do they intend to replace the existing timber boards entirely or will they simply cap over the old ones?

Again, it’s not a capital offence to cover the existing timber with a thin refurbishment board, but think about it for a minute. If you want the job done because the timber is showing signs of decay, then capping would be a false economy. Precision Property Maintenance installers will usually recommend complete replacement as a matter of course, and you would do well to insist on it in any case.

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